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 You would probably assume the mighty Sequoia is able to stand so tall because of its deep root system.  Actually, their roots grow only about four feet in the ground.  Supporting it and keeping it strong is the result of intermingling its roots with the roots of the other Sequoias around it.  Just as the mighty Sequoia would topple without connecting with a group of supporting trees, believers who seek transformation apart from a Christian community are vulnerable to spiritually topple in the winds of adversity. (taken from Transformational Groups by Stetzer & Geiger)

At Transforming Life Church, we offer many different types of groups to help you connect and grow in your relationship with God and others.  It’s not good to simply come in on Sunday and then slip out without anyone noticing.  God seeks to radically transform lives and this happens in the context of Transforming Connect Groups.  In Connect Groups you have the opportunity to be challenged spiritually, share life, care for one another, and experience the joy of belonging and becoming more like Jesus.




Current Semester Elective Groups

Groups are set up on a semester schedule. Most groups meet bi-weekly for 10-12 week terms.  There are a variety of groups to choose from that meet at different times  Most groups meet for 1.5 to 2 hours at a home and range from 8 to 12  people.      




Healing Past Memories: Time of teaching and ministry on inner healing

Day & Time: Wednesday nights  at 7:00PM, August through December (participants can join in at any time)

Book: Open My Heart, Lord by Kathi Oates

 For more information or to become a part of a group, contact us at






Small Groups have numerous advantages and the potential of creating dynamic disciples through nontraditional means and ministries.  Find a small group that you can be involved in! 

Small Group Resource Information